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"People are like stained-glass windows.
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Faded Shapes

About Me


Professional hat on

Trauma, when you think of this word, fear, despair, and suffering pop into your mind.


Whether it is small "t" trauma, like a distressed interpersonal conflict, or big "T" Trauma, such as a significant event that one has little or no control over and feels powerless and helpless.

Trauma is inevitable.

However, how you allow trauma to write your story is critical for future healing, and it is entirely up to you.

Experiences with suffering and healing from "t" and "T" trauma in my personal life have gained me more empathy, understanding, and perspectives of humanity, resiliency, respect, and gratitude for past adverse experiences and instilled hope for the future.

Like many others, I have encountered many small "t" trauma and some big "T" trauma in my life. Some are associated with grief and loss, chronic/terminal illness of loved ones, the experience of accepting and living with genetic illnesses, other foreseeable medical conditions and etc.   



I have had tried to keep everything in and absorb it by myself before and then realized it wouldn't work because suppression doesn't mean healing. The buried and frozen emotions won't just disappear; they are just waiting for another trigger to explode.


Then I reached out for help, and my therapist and social support system companioned me through the cold and dark road and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The suffering ended.
Will trauma be fully resolved?

Like many people carry grief, I carry trauma with me, not the overwhelming of emotional, physiological, and psychological baggage, but the wisdom and truth to life from the traumatic experience.


It becomes a part of me and gives me a new set of ways of thinking, feeling, and living. It deepens my life and gives it new meaning and calling.

Life is impermanent and non-linear. I hope to show you another side of trauma and welcome you to join me on the healing journey.


I'm an Asian descent and was raised in a traditional Chinese family. I understand and have experienced the struggles of immigrants' acculturation hardships and the generational impact of that.


For example, identity issues bouncing between two cultures, enmeshed boundaries among family members, and unaligned expectations lead to high anxiety, etc.

Life is about experiencing. There are no best and worst choices, "must" and "mustn't" ways of living if we obey the law and live with our conscience to be decent human beings.


It is about exploring the meaning behind connection to others, the world, oneself, and the timeless theme–love and to be loved. 

The only things limiting the joy and happiness you seek may be internal doubts, struggles, and fear. But they don't have to.

I value openness and authenticity and will bring myself into the session. It is your life story, and you get to write your narrative, take your power back and rein.




Professional hat off 


When my professional hat is off, I enjoy having quality time with my friends and family, trying new foods, reading, writing, and going to movies.

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